Alzheimer can't stop Barbara Windsor from trying to live a normal life

This amazing and talented lady lives with Alzheimer for 6 years now. Although her life has become so hard for her and her family, she is trying everything in her power to live some sort of a normal life everyone is leading. Her husband claims how he cannot leave her anymore because of her disease and condition, yet, he claims how she is still a great person as she was for her entire life.
Barbara Windsor's memory is fading by each and every day and her husband is very afraid how she will forget who he is and who she is. Also, he explained how he must tell her that she is in her own house.
It definitely seems like how this amazing lady is fighting a hard battle, but the good news is how she doesn't want to give up. She laughs with her husband, watches some funny shows and does those things she used to do earlier. But, they must continue fighting and do everything in their power to stop this disease from growing and becoming stronger.
We really hope that Barbara Windsor will succeed and at least live some sort of a normal life again.

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