Amanda Holden was literally terrified (BGT scariest act)

Everyone knows the judge Amanda Holden, right? We know her as an interesting and intelligent lady, yet also as someone who likes drama a lot. Nevertheless, this time it wasn't just about drama, but Britain's Got Talent show is definitely not for those with 'weak hearts'!

Everyone who likes this show is definitely happy how it came back to the screens. We were able to see familiar faces and judges which will make countless interesting shows for fans.

Yet, this 13th show brought some unexpected acts that left Amanda Holden terrified. Once the female magician scene came, she claims how she literally burst into tears and how her heart started beating faster. The magician went down to London Palladium. The judges needed to be down in the basement, and Amanda Holden was very scared of that place. She has also claimed how she was never there before in that role.
She has also claimed how new actors here have performed so many scary acts and completely made her leave her comfort zone. She also made a joke about the show of the magician where she was just sitting in the dark and telling everyone:''Don't touch me!''

Was she really scared? It seems like how you cannot get used to such a job!

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