Being gay is a choice? Guests of GMB claim

Viewers of this show slammed it down because they have allowed their guests to say words which are offensive for every member of LGBT+. They have also added how children need to be educated about these topics, and especially about LGBT+ rights. Of course, the argument went further when they started talking about school education and implementing this world problem into children's educational systems.

Viewers have also added how only homophobia is taught and how no one can be born with it. Also, they have added how they haven't chosen their sexual orientation, as the guests have claimed earlier.
It definitely seems like how people all around the globe are constantly arguing about LGBT+ population and their rights. Also, everyone is talking about if its a choice or is someone born that way.

It is scientifically proven how someone is born that way, and no one chooses that. In the last decade, we can see how these people have got more power and how they can talk about their rights and problems on many TV shows, as they did on this one too.

Will this argument continue or have they already said what they wanted? I don't think that it is over yet.

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