Gabrielle Union provides support at Pride Parade-check out to whom!

This lady is known as a very supportive stepmother all around the globe! The 11-year-old son of her husband, Dwayne Wade needed a little bit of support to go on a Pride Parade. Did his father provide him support? No, that is what Gabrielle Union did! It all happened on April the 7th at Miami Beach Pride Festival.

Zion, the 11-year-old boy claimed how he wouldn't be able to attend it if his stepmother didn't come with him to provide the support he needed.

This amazing actress always makes us stay out of the breath with her support actions. She believes how everyone has the right to live and to express their feelings in a way they want and need.

His father wasn't able to come because of work, but the NBA legend definitely wished he was there too. At his son's Instagram account, he left a comment saying:'' I wish I was there too with you all!''
It definitely seems like how this amazing family loves each other. It would be great to see more parents providing the support of a different kind to their children.

I think they have made a great example everyone should follow. Maybe the world will change if they see more people acting this way?

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