Gordon Ramsay, a proud father of 5

It definitely seems like how Gordon Ramsay, a celebrity chef, is enjoying family life more than ever. This man has always claimed how being a father is the best thing that has happened to him in his entire life. We see that Gordon because you've just become a father of fifth child! Congratulations!

Gordon and his wife named their fifth son Oscar. They are making jokes all the time, saying how they already have one Emmy and three Baftas! And now, they won the Oscar! We must be honest and say how it is obvious how this family man is one of the luckiest in the whole world.

His wife Tana, 44, has fought with depression after losing their son in the 5th month in the previous pregnancy. They have definitely gone through a lot and we are happy to see how this family is now finally happy because they deserve it!

This amazing couple that bursts out of energy have married back in 1996! Their oldest child is now already 21 years old, and the Oscar will enjoy his 4 other brothers and sisters!

Welcome to the world Oscar, we wish you all the best! And of course, to all Ramsay family!

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