Is Bebe Rexha pregnant?

There are too many rumors today about Bebe Rexha and her pregnancy these days. But, are those just rumors or not?

This famous singer has once again caught herself in a situation where people talk about her body and comment her in strange ways. Bebe Rexha claims how even designers don't want to talk about fashion with her because she is 'size 8'!

Many paparazzi have also caught her in different outfits which made Bebe Rexha look pregnant. She answered to all the rumors on her Twitter account telling everyone how she is not pregnant, just chubby.
Also, she has made a joke about pregnancy and claimed how she just craves for muffins. It definitely seems like how celebrities cannot take a break from constantly being pressured to look ''perfect''. It also seems like how this young lady is brave enough to stand for herself against all the rumors they have written and talked about.

Bebe Rexha was finally nominated for a Grammy, and she has claimed how that was definitely the best thing that has happened to her. So, it seems like how Bebe Rexha will have to work on her body if she wants to be nominated for another Grammy, or is she actually pregnant but still hiding it from the media? The time will tell.

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