Kelly Clarkson is mistaken for a seat filler-check out her response!

We all know Kelly Clarkson as one successful lady full of energy. The truth is, many people would like to be in her skin. She has finally arrived at the 54th Academy of Country Music where she will get her new award. It took place in Nevada, Las Vegas.

But, what happened at MGM Grand Garden Arena will definitely shock you as it shocked Kelly Clarkson! She was mistaken for a seat filler! Of course, she was a performer for that night and she also was a nominee. Despite all that, she was still mistaken for a seat filler.

She said how one man was very serious when he asked her if she is a seat filler. She literally burst into a laugh and politely told him how she isn't and after that, Kelly told him her name.

The good news is how this young lady didn't get angry at all, but she claimed how he made her night with his question! What would happen if she got angry and respond to him in some rude tone? Would he get fired? We definitely think how he would, yet, Kelly Clarkson is one great lady that is not intentional at all. We are happy to have you on the music scene, Kelly, it would be great if more famous people would act that way!

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