Privacy Policy

Spams and comments

How are spams and comments connected? We do everything in our power to decrease the spams you receive by the actions we take when you leave a comment on our website. Collecting your IP is what we must do to keep our website working properly.

Understand cookies easily

You have already read how your IP address will be collected once you leave a comment on the website (for your own good), but you must also know how accepting cookies is a must while leaving a comment too. Cookies last for a year (also for the screen display choices), and there are also the ones that last just for 2 days. Those are log in cookies which keep you logged in. Every time you decide to log out, know how those will just disappear.

Testing your browser is done with a temporary cookie. We want to know first if your website accepts cookies at all.

All that content

There is one thing you need to know about the content-it may come from the other websites aswell. Therefore, it may happen that it collects your personal info. Of course, it won't be able to collect anything you haven't written about yourself already. That means how you shouldn't worry about it at all. Also, your data may be exported to you whenever you wish, at any moment.

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