Rumors about Halsey's pregnancy are finally shut down-check out by whom!

When it comes to pregnancy, it seems like how famous ladies are constantly under the magnifier. Paparazzi aren't able to miss literally any detail. If someone's dress is a little bit too tight and their stomach pops out a bit, they immediately claim how someone is pregnant.

That is exactly what happened to Halsey. She was spotted in some huge T-shirt in which she was holding her stomach. Of course, as I've mentioned above, everyone instantly said how she is pregnant and hiding her belly. At the moment they have seen her in such clothes, she was actually just shopping with her boyfriend (Yungblud).

The good thing is how this young and beautiful lady made a joke about such rumors. She asked the media:'' Am I really pregnant? Can you please tell me? If you tell me I won't need to buy a pregnancy test to check?''
I definitely think about how she made the perfect answer. You go, girl!

Just a quick reminder-this was not the first time that rumors came about Halsey's pregnancy. Previous times, she didn't even want to answer, but now it definitely seems how she had it. How would your response sound like if there were such rumors about you? The same way, right?

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