Simon Cowell's audition turned out bad

These days Simon Cowell has talked about his latest experience with Britain's Got Talent show. He claims how the audition turned out so bad that he even wanted to leave!

Earlier before he claimed how he felt about the addition, Simon Cowell also claimed how he thinks that the most famous singer of the show, Susan Boyle, was dealing very bad with too much media attention. It definitely seems like how this man wanted her to win. Susan Boyle claimed how she wasn't dealing badly with too much media attention and how she will continue until the show ends.

The worst part of the show happened when they told the audience how Diversity was the winner.

Simon Cowell spoke to the audience after they have told how the winner is Diversity and not Susan Boyle. He said how the show was great, but also how sorry he is that it all turned out that way. Of course, just imagine his sarcastic voice while telling that. Everything is clear, right? Can you even imagine how bad it was when Simon Cowell talked like that?

His feelings for Susan Boyle are definitely huge because he claimed how she is in some way a part ''of the family''.

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